Library for manipulating text ranges and selections, and assorted other programs that use that

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Simple wrapper for bililiteRange.prototype.sendkeys. Just:

$.fn.sendkeys = function (x){
	return this.each( function(){

Keydown events are “untrusted”, in the sense that only browser-generated events will insert text. Doing $( element ).trigger ( jQuery.Event( "keydown", { key: 'a' } ) ) will trigger script-defined handlers but not the default action of inserting an ‘a’.

jquery.sendkeys.js adds a special default action handler to keydown specifically to use sendkeys to overcome that. Now $( element ).trigger ( jQuery.Event( "keydown", { key: 'a' } ) ) does $( element ).sendkeys(key) for a single-character key, and $( element ).sendkeys('{'+key+'}') if key is longer than one character, since that represents a special key.